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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wookie Wednesday

Hey guys... Happy wookie Wednesday!

This week it's all about choose your own wookies!

A chance for you guys to tell me what you'd like!

Get creative and choose the wookie of your dreams!

I have plenty of fur..

And I'm excited to see what ideas people have!!

Also these guys are available..

 So grab them while you can!

This weeks wookie snaps come from my friend Helen...

I love how sweet these guys are together.. How it will all change soon when they have to be kept apart!.. So for now lets just look at the cuteness!

Remember guys... If YOU have a wookie friend PLEASE email any pics to and get your furry friend featured!

I also have a lovely customer photo from a happy hamster loving colouring book owner!

So lovely to see my colouring book getting coloured in so fantastically!!

And some more wonderful wookie feedback!


Thank you so very much Kitty, for the sweet Wookie and all the extras... you are so sweet!!!! Thanks a million :)


I adore my granny wookie, thank you!


LOVE my custom wookie thank you so much for making her for me!


So love my little granny wookie! She's so adorable!


Thanks so much for making me my own little cotton candy wookie!


Stunning as always :o)


Yeeey! He's adorable! :) and the extra sweeties were a lovely touch. We shared them both with a yummy mug of tea :) Thank you Kitty! x


Beautiful thank you! <3


A little ray of sunshine for my room. So worth the money and so well made


She's so so lovely!! She's sat by my desk right now, checking my spelling :) Thank you so much! x

I am so happy that my wookies have been so well received by you guys!
I am 100% passionate about what I create.. I don't follow trends I just make what I LOVE and hope to meet some like minded individuals on the way!

You are all so special to me.. Every one of you.. I thank you for reading my blog..
shopping at my little store and being part of my world!


Oh and what about Walter!??

Well it wouldn't be a wookie Wednesday without a silly snap!

And this week it's Walter and his wordsearch!

It was a promising start....
But.. Sadly I get the feeling it got the better of him!

Poor Walter!

Happy Wookie Wednesday guys!!!

Love Kitty and Walter!  


Helen Clancy said...

I ordered a Mini Wookie YAY!!!! just got to decide now what I want EEEEEK!!!! too many to choose from and so many gorgeous colours!!!!
LooLoo and Gertrude want to say a HUGE thank you for featuring them on your blog they were a little disappointed that no-one else seems to have popped over, I will share your blog on my page and see if I can get a few people over. They loved the pic of Walter with his wordsearch lol ! xx :0)

Chepcher Jones said...

I love Walter :) My Husband decided he will just have to live with it ;)