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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sunday treasury

Hey guys...Happy Sunday! It's Sunday treasury time!!!! This weeks treasury is inspired by my favourite candy....COTTON CANDY! Or as we in the UK like to call it..CANDYFLOSS!

I adore the stuff.....Always have always will.. Until I loose my teeth..Well probably still and beyond as there's no chewing required!

It's totally inspirational too huh?

My 3rd generation candyfloss puff is one of my ALL TIME faves!

So... With that in mind..Here's this weeks treasury!

 They often tell me if I had a brain I'd be DANGEROUS!
Haha well... Aren't you just so lucky that I don't!
My brain is made of cotton candy..
It's what fuels my creativity.
SO..Jump in and enjoy!

To see these yummy goodies up close.. Just click here
Thanks for stopping by.. Happy Sunday!