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Friday, 28 October 2011

Happy 500th sale day

WOW! Well yesterday was a VERY special day because I made my 500th sale in my Etsy shop!!!!

Wow..Wow..Wow! I am so so excited about this..
I opened my little shop in 2006 and started out by selling my sock creatures..

Now you know there are lots of sock creatures out there but I'd dead sure you can ALWAYS spot one of mine huh?

SO... I developed my special creature into a knitting pattern.. Making these guys MINE!

Well after a while of working with socks and wool I decided to challenge myself  and move in to different mediums...
AND different creatures..

ALL inspired by my doodles.. daydreams and the planet I truly believe I come from!

Crazy KPS creatures...

 Including these guys.. My Care Scare Zombies..

Incorporating my love of kawaii and horror! Haha YES I am a contradiction 
my Mum tells me ALL the time!

Oh and then there was FELT....

Custom dolls.. Here's MY family!

More zombies..This time Kitty's Lil Zombies

Kitty's Lil girls.. Lambs..chicks..bunnies..

AND Kitty's Lil Luchas.. Inspired by my LOVE of wrestling!

From left to right.. Say hello to.. Angry Fire.. Le Frog.. Big Daddy Lightning.. The Pink Mist.. The Leery Lemon and Nimble Stratus!!
Oh and the one at the back.. Kitty-Crazy cat-Pinkstars!!

Haha ANY excuse to dress up huh?

Yes I do kinda like to make costumes to match my creations..

And THEN there were the puffs... Inspired AGAIN by my daydreams but also created as a stress release after a really bad day! I feel this gives them magic powers and hope that EVERY home they go to feels the same..

So many ideas... These will run and run..My imagination is UNSTOPPABLE!!!

So watch out!!

These are my new babies and are keeping me really busy but I am happy to recreate any of the above if you would like me to..Just get in touch ok?

And of course I mustn't forget one of my biggest dreams coming true when I finally started to sell my doodles.... This was a BIG dream for me..

This has been an AMAZING new venture for me and I'm LOVING every moment of it!

And I have had so much wonderful feedback on the way... Here are some of the LOVELY comments I've been left!

Received my puffs today, well what can I say! I am over the moon. Thank you so much for the extra conker puff. Love them! can't bear to part with them. My stickers are fab too! Thank you for them. I will be ordering more.... Sue x

absolutely awesome work! My doodles were exactly what I asked for and now I can't wait to have new business cards printed! Thank you so much x

Amazing Puffs And A VERY Creative Side to it - Go Puffs!

Two more puffs have been welcomed into our family and we love them so much, thank you KittyPinkstars for being so super dooperly talented and making these gorgeous creatures which constantly bring a smile to my face

Hehehe my ghost just came, his ah-mazing, thank you muchlies!! xoxo

AWESOME TALENT!!!! Kitty is a super inspiring ray of sunshine, every time I see my Puff I remember to smile as things cant be all bad!!!!! I just received my Keyring unicorn Puff and I love it, ITS SO FLUFFY!!!!! Will definitely be adding more to the collection!!!!!

All of Kitty's products are amazing, from the weird to the wonderful, she has great cooperation with all of her fans and over all Is just amazing!
I'm a massive fan and I always will be!

Super dooper I love my dready hamster puff, he's so cute, can't wait for the other little fella to come join him, you make amazing creations and your an inspiration, you bring colour to a grey world, just like a rainbow, and rainbows are simply amazing, keep doing what your doing xx

I ordered a bumblebee puff from Kitty for my son's second birthday and he is fantastic! His birthday isn't until Sept and I have a feeling the adorable bee puff will find his way into my son's hands before that! I see more puffs in our future. :) Huge Kittypinkstars fan here!

Kittypinkstars - A crazy bundle of colourful energy. I had a batty puff made - to order and it's perfect. It lives dangling from the shelf above my pc and it is fab!

I ordered a personalised drawing for my best friends wedding card.

I sent Kitty a few photo's and explained what I wanted. She quickly draw out a rough sketch for me to see that we were on the same lines... which of course we were. 

She then drew the most lovely picture of the bride and groom and popped it in a lovely framed card and posted it to me first class.

Wonderfully professional, friendly and fast service.

I recommend using Kitty's awesome skills to create you a personalised card too!!!

Kittypinkstars is the actual best - she is soooo talented, and a fantastic seller. Her work is absolutely beautiful - every piece is packed full of personality, lovingly packaged AND it even smells good! lol :D - just got to add a puff to my collection

Love Kitty's puffs! 2 very happy kids and a happy mom too! We love them all and cant wait to order more!

I my unicorn puff its fab and even better than they are in the pics i also a highly recommended artist

Got my first puff---the Mutant hamster. I love him! Came super quick to the states, well made, super cute, couldn't ask for anything more (except more puffs)! Amazing artist and one of a kind gal! Thanks Kitty :)

I have a great summer sun puff from kitty and i love him!!!! Cant wait to buy myself a unicorn puff soon!!!!!! This page never fails to make me smile!!!!! excellent x

I have a zombie pouch, a lamb girl brooch, a rainbow puff, twin cherry puffs, doodles and even sent my friend a puff!! Superb Quality, Excellent designs all done by the most pink and rainbow lady I know!! I'm happy with everything and can't wait to get more goodies!! xx

I have 4 puffs and one on the way and there is no doubt that i will be buying more! They are fabulously made and the amount of detail that must go into making them is unreal! I love them so much! They are PERFECT in every way! Thank you so much Kitty! <3xx

I have purchased 8 puffs from the FABULOUS Kitty Pinkstars and they are all sooooooo cute I just cant pick a favourite!! I love them all and I love Kitty to bits, she is just the BEST!! Recently I have lost a few of my beloved pets and Kitty has drawn the most FANTASTIC tribute doodles of them all I cant thank her enough!!! xx :0)

I absolutely LOVE Kittypinkstars - she has created a doodle for me and I have purchased creations from her - they are always great quality, and more importantly super duper quirky and cute! She also ships super fast, and never fails to make me smile

Kittypinkstars = Happiness!!!

Joyful, goofy rainbowy goodness; She brightens my day - let her tickle yours, too! My 5 yr old enjoys her Kitties' Ghostie very much... unto pilling & almost shredding (sorry)...

I have purchased many things from Kittypinkstars...stuffies who I lovingly call my Silly Billies, doodles of my beloved fur babies (cats) and also of me and my husband and I have never been disappointed and they have all brought a smile to my face!! Awesome stuff made by an awesome person!!! Yay!!!!

See! I has no brainz! I do has me a mutant hamster puff (multicoloured dready variety) and he is awesomeness! I also has had my hands on various other works of Kitty's (including being the lucky mum to a sock creature!! Yay!) and all I can say is ……..KITTY ROCKS!!!! :D


WOW! What wonderful comments from super sweet customers!
I have over 3000 wonderful followers on my Facebook page and I appreciate every one of them.
I adore what I do.. It's not about the money or big business deals.. For me it's about expressing myself through my designs..Being inspired by the things I love but ALWAYS completely unique, original and true to myself..  

It's important to me that every one of my creations finds it's PERFECT home!

So all that's left to say is THANK YOU to each and every one of you that has supported me.. Followers old and new..People who read my blog.. People who inspire me.. People who make ME smile!

I just hope I do the same for you!

Love and rainbows 

Life is a journey. Enjoy it, but don't forget to stop and enjoy the
good stuff on the way. What’s really cool is the good stuff is
different for each and every one of us, so it shouldn’t be too hard
to find some of your very own good stuff to enjoy on this awesome
journey you are on.


Helen Clancy said...

WOW!! what a fantastic blog!! I enjoyed reading every word of that and I loved the journey through the story of your creations. I adore your fluffy pink KPS creature!! do you still make these? xx :0)

twentythreetwo said...

Wow! Congratulations on your 500th sale! I love my unicorn puff and have my eye on a few more! :D I love seeing the pics of your older ranges especially the Lil Luchas! Great post!

drrao96 said...