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Friday, 22 July 2011

Illustration Friday.. PERENNIAL

This weeks illustration Friday..This weeks topic.. PERENNIAL!

Definitions of perennial

1. [adj] - lasting an indefinitely long time

2. [adj] - (botany) lasting three seasons or more

3. [adj] - recurring again and again

4. [n] - a plant lasting for three seasons or more

Quotes - Example use of the word perennial
1. perennial efforts to stipulate the requirements

2. the common buttercup is a popular perennial plant

3. suggesting self-renewal

4. perennial happiness

So..With that in mind.. I doodled me as a perennial flower..After all I plan to keep my happy spirit forever no matter how old I am and I am constantly self renewing..

Hope it made you smile!!

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Janet illustrator said...

It did, :-) what great idea and I love your faces.

Indigene said...

Some of the best perennials, I've seen yet...such happiness!

Stephanie ;) said...

indeed, it made me smile! so super adorable! I love your art. :)